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4 Tips for Helping Your Child Use a Porta Potty

4 Tips for Helping Your Child Use a Porta Potty

When traveling with young children, the porta-potty is one of those items that can cause a lot of anxiety for parents and kids. If your child is used to using a toilet in public, it can be easier for them to feel comfortable doing so.

Safety plays a significant role in helping children feel more comfortable in the porta-potty, so it’s essential to be aware of your surroundings and ensure that you take safety precautions.

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Here are some tips for helping your child use a porta-potty:

1. Make Sure Your Child Is Comfortable

Porta potties at outdoor events, public restrooms, and bathroom stalls at school can all be scary places for young children who are not used to them. Ensure your child is comfortable before attempting to use the restroom in a new space. Ask questions, allow them to explore the area, and provide reassurance whenever necessary.

For example, if your child is hesitant to try a porta-potty, ask them what they are worried about. If it’s the smell or appearance of the facility, explain that it’s completely normal and you understand their concerns. Then take their hand and lead them through the process, encouraging each small success.

2. Explain Hygiene

Porta potties are essential to maintain basic hygiene and explaining why this is the case for your child is essential. Kids are generally very receptive to learning about concepts like cleanliness and proper ways of taking care of themselves, so use this opportunity to teach them the importance of washing their hands after using the porta potty and making sure that they keep the area clean when using it. Explain to them that germs can spread quickly and that proper hygiene will help them stay healthy.

3. Keep Away Toys and Distractions

When your child is using the porta-potty, it’s important to keep toys and distractions away. Bringing a book or a tablet for them to use may seem like a good idea, but it can be distracting and make it harder for them to stay focused on going.

4. Never Leave Children Unattended

Children should never be left alone when using a porta-potty. It’s essential to always keep an eye on them to ensure they are safe and not putting themselves in danger. If you must leave, take your child with you or find someone to watch over them while they use the restroom.

To Sum It Up

To conclude, portable toilets come equipped with various features such as hand sanitizers, foot mats, and flushing mechanisms. As a parent, it is important to explain to your child what each feature is and how it works, as well as teach them proper etiquette such as using toilet paper and securely opening and closing the door. And also remind them that you are always available to help if needed.

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