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Are Porta Potties Eco Friendly? Why Portable Restrooms Help You Go “Green”

Are Porta Potties Eco Friendly? Why Portable Restrooms Help You Go “Green”

When it comes to being eco-friendly, it goes beyond protests or social media. Today, everyone has a responsibility to make the environment a safer place for modern times and future generations.

So when you’re planning your event or construction site, it’s important to keep this in mind. A lot of people ask how environmentally friendly portable toilets are. So let’s address this question in the article. That way you can understand how renting a portable restroom can contribute to eco-friendly causes.

The Reality of Eco Friendly Portable Toilets

Less Water Usage

A typical sink or bathroom unit with full plumbing wastes a lot of water. However, eco-friendly potty setups have been deemed by the EPA to save over 125 million gallons of water every day. This is primarily because they don’t require flushing.

Nearby Environmental Effect

With typical restrooms, waste is flushed into a septic tank or water supply. This seeps into the local environment and can affect animal and plant life. It also makes it less sanitary for the community. Porta potties allow the waste to be disposed of directly to prevent the spread of disease.

Less Construction Required

The construction industry is an important part of modern society. However, when you calculate all of the petroleum, water, electricity, and raw materials that must be used to construct a new bathroom, it adds up.

First of all, all of these materials must be transported. Of course, before that point, they have to be manufactured.

A lot of raw materials and hazardous chemicals are used in this production process. Compare this to portable toilet rentals. A simple quick trip of delivery and you have your restroom unit. Ultimately, this leads to fewer harmful effects to the environment.

The Additional Benefits Of Portable Toilets

Guest Comfort

If you’re planning a large event in Atlanta, making sure your visitors can use the restroom conveniently is of the utmost importance. Additionally, you should consider renting more than one unit. Having long lines for the laboratories doesn’t make for a great memory.


You may find the perfect place for your event, but then find out that it’s too expensive. A lot of times this is because you’re trying to rent out an entire building or public restrooms.

Instead, you can save a large chunk of your budget and invest in portable potties to meet your budget needs.

Hygiene And Sanitation

One of the fastest ways to spread disease and illness is from a lack of sanitary facilities. With portable hand sanitizers, hand sinks, and portable restrooms for events in Atlanta, you can eliminate these problems before they begin.

Are Portable Potties Eco-Friendly? – Summary

Rent an eco-friendly potty. If you’re looking for portable restrooms for events in Atlanta, contact Quick Relief Solutions today.

We are experts in equipping you with the best portable restrooms, hand-washing sinks, and other sanitary amenities for your needs. You’ll be able to enjoy quick, efficient restroom use while maintaining optimal hygiene.