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Best Practices for Placement of Portable Toilets

Best Practices for Placement of Portable Toilets

One of the most important things to consider when planning an outdoor event is where to put the portable toilets. If you place them in the wrong spot, your guests will not be happy!

No one wants to walk through a muddy field or trudge up a hill to find a clean porta potty, so it is essential to consider your event’s layout before deciding where to put the toilets.

Many jurisdictions need a permit to place portable toilets on public land, so check with your local government before making a request. For example, if you are hosting a significant event in a park, you will need to get permits from the city or county.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when placing portable toilets at your next event:

Ease of Access

The location of the portable restroom should be easily accessible for all individuals who will use it. This means that the unit should be placed in an open and level area with enough space for people to approach it from all sides. It should also be far away from any obstacles or obstructions that could make it challenging to get to.

For example, physically disabled individuals or those using mobility devices will need to be able to approach the unit without having to navigate around obstacles.


It is crucial to consider privacy when placing portable restrooms. Both men and women will appreciate having a reasonable amount of privacy when using the restroom. It is generally best to place portable restrooms away from high-traffic areas. If this is impossible, ensuring adequate partitions between each unit is essential.


Portable toilets need to be placed in a well-ventilated area. If the area is too cramped or does not have enough airflow, it can create a buildup of odors that will be difficult to get rid of. Check for nearby exhaust vents or open windows that can help improve the air circulation around the restroom.

Level Ground

It is essential to ensure that the ground where the restroom will be placed is level. The uneven ground could cause the restroom to tip over, creating a huge mess. It is also a safety hazard for users.

Consider the Laws and Ordinances

Before placing the restroom on your property, check with your local laws and ordinances. There might be restrictions on where you can place the restroom. For example, some cities don’t allow them in front yards.

Also, you may need a restroom permit on your property.

Weather and Climate

The weather and climate can also significantly affect where you place your porta potty. If an area is prone to severe weather conditions, it’s essential to consider that when placing your restroom. You don’t want your porta potty to be in an area that could be flooded or blown away in a storm.

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