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Cash in the Bank: How Porta Potty Rentals Save Money

Cash in the Bank: How Porta Potty Rentals Save Money

Whether scheduling a large event, or planning your construction site, saving money is always a priority. And you might be surprised to find that portable toilet rentals can help you stay within budget.

This is especially true if you go with local porta potties rentals in Atlanta. So, let’s dive into it.

Here are the top ways porta potty rentals can save you money:

How Porta Potty Rentals Save Money

Here are 5 great ways to reduce expenses by investing in portable toilet solutions in the greater Atlanta area:

Local Is Better

Sure, there are some larger national companies out there. However, when it comes to something like portable restroom rentals, you have to consider the facts.

Your costs will be due largely to the transportation and gas expenses of delivering the units and retrieving the units. Local companies can save you money since they’re located closer to your site.

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Saving Money On Restroom Breaks

If there are no available porta-potties on your site, then your workers will have to spend gas money or potentially even buy a product to use the restroom. If this happens once or twice, it’s not the end of the world.

However, these minor expenses add up over time. Whether you’re covering these expenses for your employees or they’re using it out of their own pocket, it’s going to result in either lower morale or more budget waste.

Work Efficiency

Related to the above point, a few minutes here and there won’t make or break your project. When you add up the number of workers you have, and the number of times they use the restroom, it tends to be more than you think.

When you multiply that out by days, weeks, or months, you can see how much lost productivity there is from not having proper lavatory services nearby.

Lower Utility Costs

If you want to install a longer-term bathroom, you’re going to pay for electricity, plumbing, and other maintenance costs.

Thankfully, porta-potties have large reservoirs so that you only need to install them once, and they can be easily removed after that particular project is done with.

This way you don’t pay utility costs in the meantime.

Longer-Term Rentals

It’s possible to get portable restrooms for a daily rate. Obviously, this will be less overall money than renting them for a longer period.

However, there are significant discounts associated with renting the portable units for a longer time period. That’s because the costs of delivering, installing, and removing the units is the same no matter how long you rent it for.

So from the rental company’s perspective, the longer you can keep those on a site, the lower the overall costs are for the provider.

Enjoy Comfort While Staying In Budget Today

The list above includes just some of the ways porta potty rentals can save you money. Contact Quick Relief Porta Potty Solutions to meet all of your porta-potty rental needs. Save time, money, and eliminate discomfort. That way you and your team can focus on being productive and profitable.