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How Many Porta Potties Per Person? – OSHA Requirements & More

How Many Porta Potties Per Person? – OSHA Requirements & More

Everyone needs to use the restroom once in a while. And it’s very important for you to offer convenient bathroom facilities for your workers on a job site.

Porta-potties are affordable and easy to rent. In addition, OSHA has several requirements you must meet in terms of the minimum number of porta-potties or toilets on site.

So in this article, let’s talk about how many portable toilets per person OSHA

requires. Plus, we’ll cover additional factors to keep in mind. That way you can make sure you are in compliance with the law and also meet additional project needs.

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How Many Porta Potties Per Person: OSHA Regulations

OSHA is responsible for ensuring the safety of workers. When it comes to the number of toilets per person OSHA says the following.

If you have more than 20 employees, you must have at least one toilet available. For over 40 workers, you need one toilet and one urinal. If you have more than 200 workers, you need at least one toilet seat and urinal for every 50 workers.

Additional Bathroom Requirements

If you are working somewhere that already has a bathroom available, this can count toward that requirement. In addition, the restrooms must be kept clean and have hot and cold running water.

You also have to provide soap or sanitizer for the employees to wash their hands correctly. Keeping porta-potties clean.

Every portable toilet should be cleaned weekly. You can do this yourself or invest in a maintenance plan from your porta-potty provider.

Dirty toilets go against OSHA guidelines, so this is not a negotiable regulation. The types of portable toilets for a job site.

OSHA does not specify what kind of toilet you have to have available. As long as you have at least one toilet, urinal, and handwashing setup for every 40 employees, that’s a good rule of thumb to follow.

Portable Toilets Must Be Accessible

You can go above and beyond with more complex and premium portable restroom units if you want. One important thing to keep in mind is that the portable restroom needs to be within 10 minutes of the workers’ stations at all times.

In terms of placement, this typically means putting it in the middle of the job site. Additional factors to consider.

Using OSHA as a minimum, there are other things you might want to consider when wondering how many porta-potties to have on site:

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing The Number of Porta Potties

When deciding how many portable toilets for a construction site should be rented, consider the following factors as well:

User Load

How many people and workers are going to be using the porta-potties every day? Do the math to make sure that everyone can easily access a restroom without waiting too long.

Additional Regulations

There may be local, county, city, or state regulations you need to adhere to. Make sure you have the minimum amount of porta-potties required for your job site or event.

Consult the Experts

At the end of the day, consulting with porta-potty rental professionals will give you the answers you need.

Quick Relief Solutions can tell you exactly how many porta-potties you need and what additional equipment or services might be beneficial for your construction project. So get the perfect plan together for your construction site porta potty rental in Atlanta today.