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How to Choose a Porta Potty for a Block Party – The Quick Guide

How to Choose a Porta Potty for a Block Party - The Quick Guide

Hosting a great block party means anticipating the needs of all your guests and attendees. While you might be thinking of the right music, food, and furniture to have on hand, you also need to think about providing lavatories.

Here’s why renting a porta potty for your block party is a great investment, and how to choose the right one:

Why Porta Porta Potty Rentals for Parties Are So Important

You don’t want to assume your guests can all use your home bathrooms. People can track a lot of debris from the outdoors. Furthermore, a few home bathrooms won’t be enough to accommodate a large number of people — leading to long lines and guest discomfort.

Instead, opting for a porta potty rental in Atlanta for your party can keep everyone happy. And most importantly, your guests can do what they came for, which is to enjoy the awesome block party you’re throwing.

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Choosing Porta Potty Rentals for Parties — What You Should Know

The Right Ratios

The last thing you want is for your guests to suffer from a lack of bathrooms. You might have some lines, but they shouldn’t be excessively long.

When considering the ratio of porta potties to guests, think about timing. Aim to have two porta potties for every 50 guests or so. The longer the event will run, the more porta potties you should have as well.

Equal Access For All

Think about more than simply able-bodied adults. Consider children, elderly people, and those who have physical disabilities.

Choose portable bathrooms that are accessible to those with wheelchairs, canes, and walkers. You should also have a porta potty for parents that bring their infants, so they can change their diaper in an emergency.

Following Local Regulations

Your city may require certain permits to throw your block party, and you might have to get additional permission for your portable restrooms.

The local authorities can provide guidance for the proper placement of the portable toilets so that they don’t interfere with any emergency services.

Renting Porta Potty for Block Party? — Pick the Right Provider

When it comes to choosing a porta potty rental for block parties, you should look locally first. That way, you’ll get faster service.

Contact Quick Relief Porta Potty Solutions to ensure your porta potties meet the needs of you and your guests — from excellent-condition units to special lavatories accessible to individuals with disabilities.That way, everyone can truly enjoy the fun!