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How to Manage and Prevent a Porta Potty Tipped Over?

How to Manage and Prevent a Porta Potty Tipped Over?

Portable toilets, or porta potties, have become essential to many significant events. People need to go when they don’t have access to a traditional toilet, and these units provide that necessary service. However, there is the potential for disaster if one of these units gets tipped over.

As much as it may sound like a nightmare, it is a reality that needs to be prepared for. Here are some tips on dealing with and preventing a porta potty from being tipped over.

Steps To Take After a Porta Potty Tip Over

1. Assess the Scene and Check for Injuries

The first thing one should do if one see a porta potty tipped over is to assess the scene and check for any injuries. If anyone is hurt, call 911 immediately.

A tipped porta potty may cause dangerous conditions like slippery surfaces, sharp edges, or electrical hazards.

2. Secure the Area

Next, mark the area around the porta potty with traffic cones, caution tape, or orange fencing. This will ensure that no one accidentally walks or drives into the area and tips over the porta potty. If you have a light on the porta potty, make sure it is turned on to be visible at night.

3. Notify Authorities If Necessary

It is essential to know whom to contact in case of an accident. If it is a public porta-potty, you must inform the city or county officials about the incident. You must contact the property owner or manager if it is on private property. Informing the authorities will help them take necessary actions and also prevent such accidents in the future.

Informing the authorities is also essential from a legal standpoint. If someone is injured because of the tipped-over porta-potty, you may be held liable if it is found that you did not take adequate measures to prevent the accident.

4. Clean Up the Mess

Cleaning up any mess made when the porta potty was tipped over is essential. This will help to prevent the spread of disease and keep everyone safe.

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According to ADA regulations, porta potties should be cleaned at least once weekly. The waste goes to a treatment plant, where it is treated before being discharged into a body of water.

If the porta potty was tipped over and there is a human waste on the ground, you will need to clean it up as soon as possible.

Tips to Prevent a Porta Potty from Being Tipped Over

1) Use Proper Anchoring

Porta potties should be adequately anchored to the ground to prevent them from being tipped over. Experts use straps or chains to secure the porta potty to the ground properly. If you’re using a porta potty at an outdoor event, ensure it is anchored before guests use it.

2) Place It on Level Ground

If the ground is not level, the porta potty has a higher chance of being tipped. Asphalt or concrete are the best surfaces to place a porta potty on because they’re level and won’t shift when someone steps inside.

3) Build a Wooden Enclosure

An enclosure will make it more difficult for vandals to tip over your porta potty. The wood will also act as a barrier against the wind, which can sometimes cause porta potties to tip over.

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