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How to Poop Safely In A Porta Potty?

How to Poop Safely In A Porta Potty?

Whether you’re at a music festival, camping in the woods, or enjoying a day at the park, there’s a good chance you’ll need to use a portable toilet at some point. The rise in urbanization and the popularity of public events have created a demand for these types of toilets. Portable toilets are a necessary evil for most outdoor gatherings.

While they are convenient, it can be tricky to poop safely in a porta potty. You can try some things to ensure a safe and sanitary experience when using a porta potty.

1. Make Sure the Toilet Is Clean Before You Use It

Public toilets are notorious for harboring all sorts of bacteria and germs. So, before you even think about using one, make sure it’s clean.

Portable toilets often come with a small step that you can use to prop open the door while you’re cleaning. Cleaning a portable toilet is pretty simple . Just give it a good once-over with a disinfectant wipe or spray.

2. Use a Hand Sanitizer After Using the Toilet

If you wonder how you can poop in a porta potty safely, you should know that using hand sanitizer after using the toilet is essential. Portable toilets are equipped with a foot-operated flush but don’t have the same water pressure as regular toilets. The ventilation pipe and screens, on the other hand, help to keep fresh air flowing through the unit.

To avoid contact with these germs, use hand sanitizer after you have finished using the toilet. You should also use a toilet seat cover to create a barrier between you and the toilet bowl.

3. Avoid Touching Surfaces in the Restroom If Possible

Toilet surfaces, door handles, and faucets are all high-touch areas in a porta potty. Use a disposable napkin to open the door when you enter and exit the stall and try not to touch anything else inside if possible. Infections like E. coli and norovirus can be easily spread by touching contaminated surfaces.

4. Regular Maintenance is Key

You may think, where does poop go in a porta potty? Most porta potties have a holding tank that stores waste until it can be appropriately disposed of. While calculating how much to rent portable restroom, you should also factor in the price of pumping and emptying the tank.

Quick Relief Solutions offers porta potties rentals in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We regularly clean and service our units to ensure they are always up to code. Contact us to learn about these toilets or to place an order.