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How To Ventilate Your Porta Potty From Stinking?

How To Ventilate Your Porta Potty From Stinking?

If you’re using a porta-potty for your next outdoor event, keeping it ventilated and fresh is essential. If you do, your guests will likely be happier with the smell!

The emptying process of a porta potty involves removing the waste, rinsing, and disinfecting the unit’s interior.

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But it’s equally important to keep the porta potty ventilated between uses so that odors don’t linger between cleanings. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your porta-potty stays fresh and odor-free:

1. Clean the Portable Toilet and Use a Deodorizer Or Air Freshener

A professional waste-removal company generally empties portable toilets. However, after each cleaning, you should still clean the unit between emptying and deodorizing it with an aerosol or solid deodorizer.

2. Use Fans To Keep Air Circulating

Porta potties can become incredibly hot and stuffy, especially in warm climates. To counteract this, fans are an invaluable resource that can help keep air circulating and make the space more comfortable. Placing a few simple desk fans at various entrances of the porta potty will ensure fresh air is pulled into the unit while stale air is expelled. This will help create a more pleasant environment for those who need to use the porta-potty. Fans can also dry wet surfaces quickly, essential if the porta-potty is exposed to rain or other moisture sources.

3. Place an Odor Absorber

An odor absorber is a great way to help eliminate odors in the home. It works by absorbing odors and releasing them into the air. This type of product is usually made from charcoal or other materials that are designed to absorb smells. Place one near any area with a strong odor, such as in the kitchen near the stove or garbage can, bathroom, pet areas, or any other place where odors linger. Remember that these products need to be replaced regularly for maximum effectiveness.

4. Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals can cause damage to your hardwood floors. Stick with products that are specifically designed for use on hardwood floors. Any cleaning agent that is too harsh could damage the finish or discolor the wood. For example, ammonia and vinegar should never be used on hardwood floors as they can strip away the finish and dull the wood over time.

5. Open Windows Or Vents To Allow Fresh Air Circulation

Air circulation is essential in any home, especially if you are trying to reduce the spread of airborne viruses. Opening windows and vents will help bring fresh air from outside and help clear out stale air circulating inside. This can help keep the air cleaner and reduce exposure to airborne germs.

6. Install an Exhaust Fan System

Lastly, install an exhaust fan system in your bathroom to help reduce the humidity and odors that linger throughout the space. Doing so will also help improve air circulation, which can be beneficial if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Make sure to correctly size the fan for your bathroom’s square footage and install it by building codes and local laws.

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