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OSHA Porta Potty Rules & More For Construction Sites

OSHA Porta Potty Rules & More For Construction Sites

When setting up your construction site, you need to take the needs of your workers seriously. After all, everyone needs to use the bathroom throughout the day.

This is not just important for convenience, but it’s actually mandated by federal law. OSHA has certain requirements about the porta potties and bathrooms that should be available on a job site.

So in this post, we’ll cover how many porta potties you should have according to OSHA. That way you can make sure you have all of your legal bases covered while also treating your team in the best way possible.

OSHA Portable Potty Rules And Regulations

OSHA is in charge of making sure that workers are safe on the job. OSHA says that you should have at least one toilet available for every 20 employees that you have. This changes if you have over 40 workers.

In this case, you need at least one toilet and one urinal. This scales again once you have 200 workers. At this point, you should have at least one toilet and one urinal between every 50 workers.

Other Porta Potty Regulations

In addition to simply providing the bathrooms, they need to be kept clean. There should also be both hot and cold water. This is for proper hand washing and hygiene.

You should have sanitizer or soap on hand so that employees can clean their hands of germs after using the porta potty. You also need to keep the porta potties clean and hygienic.

Aim to clean each porta potty unit every single week. You can hire a professional company to maintain it, or you can simply do this yourself. Keep in mind that dirty porta potties are not within OSHA guidelines. This is not something that’s negotiable or simply for convenience.

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Additional Factors

OSHA doesn’t say that you need to have a specific type of porta potty available. It comes down to having the urinal or toilet available for enough employees. That includes the hand washing station.

Your porta potties need to be accessible as well. So if it’s not within 10 minutes of where the workers are doing their job, then it’s not close enough. This may mean that you need to change the placement, or you may need to simply have more around the job site vicinity.

Above and Beyond

Use OSHA as a minimum guideline. Ultimately, to make using the restroom as convenient and fast as possible, you should consider the following factors as well:

Additional City Or County Regulations

There may be extra rules in place at your local level that go beyond OSHA’s requirements. Your porta potty for a construction site in Atlanta has to meet every regulation.

The Length Of The Job

Understand how long you’re going to be working on that job site. Ultimately, all the time that you save from workers having a nearby toilet available could be worth investing in an extra unit or two.

User Load

How many workers are going to be using the toilets on a daily basis? The last thing you want is for your construction workers to be on the clock but waiting in a long line to use the restroom.

Get The Right Type Of Porta Potties Today

Contact Quick Relief Porta Potty Solutions today. The portable toilet experts can help you understand the right type of portable lavatories to have on hand.

Following the OSHA guidelines, you can make sure that you’re well equipped to be compliant with regulations. You’ll also save time, money, and hassle for your construction project.