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Porta Potty Dimensions Explained

Porta Potty Dimensions Explained

Portable toilets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are different types of porta potty that are used in different situations. Ranging from single single-stall units, to large trailers made for group use, making sure that your guests or workers have a comfortable place to do their business is an absolute must.

If you wanted to know how tall a porta potty is, or if you wanted to know the overall dimensions of a porta potty, this article is for you.

Single Stall Porta Potty Dimensions

At Quick Relief Solutions, we carry two primary types of single stall porta potties: the standard model and the larger wheelchair-friendly, ADA-compliant model .

Standard porta potties have the following features:

  • Regular single-unit portable bathrooms. No additional plumbing required.
  • No flushing mechanism.
  • Hand washing station
  • Stable construction with a secure latch lock.

These porta potties are typically used at construction sites (including home renovations and new builds), parks and recreation facilities, concerts, small festivals, and other similar events.

They tend to be the least expensive option for porta potties that meet all the necessary requirements.

Most porta potties you’ll find have a width of between 43 and 46 inches, a depth of 46 to 48 inches, and a height of 81 to 92 inches. Our standard porta potties have a height of X inches, a clearance of Y inches, a width of Z inches, and a length of W inches.

The standard model is designed to be used by people without any mobility issues. For those who have difficulty going in and out of the toilet, the wheelchair-friendly model is a better option.

Wheelchair Friendly ADA Porta Potty Dimensions

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public accommodations be accessible to people with disabilities. This includes portable toilets, as wheelchair-bound people will need to have the same access to toilets as anyone else.

If your event does not need to be ADA compliant, it’s still highly recommended to reserve a wheelchair friendly porta potty anyway (especially if you expect at least 100 attendees). This will allow you to easily cater to people with disabilities.

Our wheelchair friendly porta potties are slightly larger to accommodate wheelchair-bound persons. With a width of 60 to 70 inches, a depth of 75 to 85 inches, and a height of 92 inches, these porta potties are designed to be comfortable for people no matter their disability.

What Is The Capacity Of A Portable Toilet Tank?

The capacity of a portable toilet tank is important because the tank capacity will determine how often the porta potty needs to be emptied A full tank renders the porta potty nearly unusable, which could ruin a guest’s good time.

Portable toilet tanks generally come in capacities between 50 and 70 gallons. Our standard event portable toilets have a 70-gallon waste tank capacity.

How Many Porta Potties Should I Have At My Event?

We highly recommend at least 1 porta potty per 100 people. If you are concerned with your guests’ comfort (and you should be), we recommend 2 porta potties per 100 guests (with at least one ADA compliant porta potty).

Portable Toilet Rentals Atlanta

Are you hosting an event and are in need of portable toilet rentals in Atlanta? If so, Quick Relief Solutions will provide just what you need. Check out our portable restroom rentals in Atlanta page to learn more!