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Portable Camping Toilet And Porta Potty For Special Events

Portable Camping Toilet And Porta Potty For Special Events

When it comes to camping, there are a lot of needs for restrooms out in the wilderness. That being said, you might be wondering between a portable camping toilet versus a port-a-potty. While these two things are very similar, they do have some distinctions, so let’s talk about that in this article.

And if you’re looking for a porta potty rental in Atlanta, reach out to the experts at Quick Relief Solutions.

We’ll ensure that you have a portable restroom delivered safely, conveniently, and quickly. That way, you and all your guests can enjoy fast relief no matter when nature calls.

The Difference Between A Portable Camping Toilet And A Porta Potty

Let’s take a look at both of these restroom types and some of the primary differences between the two rental options below:

Portable Camping Toilet

If you’re going on a road trip or camping, there’s something called a portable camping toilet. A portable camping toilet is not the same as a port-a-potty. You have to set up an entire tent and take it to another isolated area in order to use it.

That defeats any kind of purpose of it being convenient. In other words, there is no difference between using a portable camping toilet and using a bucket. After that, you still have to haul all the waste around with you.

Plus, it doesn’t hold that much. It doesn’t hold very much, so you’ll have to clean it out and deal with all of that more consistently.

Porta Potty

Port-a-potties have much larger holding tanks built in, that means you’ll have to clean it and maintain it much less frequently — a big advantage when planning events and their restroom amenities.

It also provides privacy as part of the unit itself. Additionally, once you’re done using it, you can have the professionals at Quick Relief Solutions haul it off for you. You never have to deal with it any more than you want to.

Portable Camping Toilet Versus Port-A-Potties

In terms of portable camping toilet vs. porta potty for special events, porta potties offer greater convenience, speed, and less work over the competition. That’s not to mention the privacy factor.

That being said, you need somewhere to relieve yourself and for your party to feel at ease, so contact Quick Relief Solutions today, and let’s make sure that your camping trip is set up for success.