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Portable Toilet Cost Factors – What You Should Know

Portable Toilet Cost Factors - What You Should Know

Are you planning to rent portable toilets? Maybe you have a large outdoor event coming up or you simply need proper lavatory facilities for your crew.

Naturally, you’re probably wondering what factors go into the cost. So in this post, we’ll explore the portable toilet cost factors so you can make the best decision when budgeting for your mobile restroom needs.

Portable Toilet Cost Factors

When getting portable toilet rentals in Atlanta, there are specific costs you should know about:


The location is a major factor when it comes to porta potty rental rates. The amount of time, distance, and fuel required depends on where you need the portable toilets to be placed.

The porta potty provider will have to deliver the toilets and pick them up at that location. So if you are within a certain radius of the porta potty rental company, there may not be additional charges.

However, if you’re relatively far away from the location where the portable toilet company stores its units, then you should expect a few additional fees.


One of the things that affects your portable toilet rental rates is the size of your order. If you only need a few units, then these can typically fit in a normal truck bed.

As alluded to above, distance traveled and fuel costs affect how much it costs. So the larger your order size, the more man hours, fuel costs, and expensive vehicles will be required.

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Time Requirements

When trying to budget your costs for your portable toilets, consider how long you’ll need them for.

If you only need the units for a day, then there are certain daily rates that you’ll pay. This will be less overall than renting them for a longer period.

If you’re going to be renting the porta potties for several days, weeks, or months, then obviously the overall cost will be a little bit higher. Your daily cost will be discounted.

Maintenance Services

Related to the amount of time you need to rent your porta potties for, there may be certain maintenance that needs to be performed over that week or month.

Keep in mind that just like with any other service, this requires labor and transportation. If the units are not clean, they become unpleasant and unsanitary.

Typically, if you rent the porta potties for a longer period, maintenance plans will be available at a discounted rate.

Volume of Usage

The more that portable toilets have been used, the more that they will need to be deep cleaned. This is to maintain proper hygiene and ensure that all fixtures are in working order.

Obviously this requires more time and more cleaning resources, which can increase the overall rate of the rental.

Extra Services

Rent rates differ from additional services. For instance, if you need paper refills or fresh water changes, these services should be part of your budget.

Summary Of Pricing For Portable Toilet Rentals – Atlanta

In summary, there are various factors. Ultimately, your cost depends on the number of units, the duration, the location, maintenance and additional services you may require. The best way to know the exact price of porta potty rental rates is to contact your local porta potty provider. That way, they can help you decide how many units and what kinds of services are best for your needs.