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Reasons You Need to rent a Porta Potty

Reasons You Need to rent a Porta Potty

When you are planning an outdoor event or a party like a wedding, it is essential to arrange for restroom facilities. Depending on the size of your party, you might need to rent porta potties. Here are some reasons why renting a porta potty is a good idea:

1) It Is a Hygienic and Safe Option

One of the primary reasons to rent a portable toilet is for hygiene and safety purposes. A porta potty can be a lifesaver when there is no access to a traditional flush toilet. They are instrumental in areas with limited or contaminated water supply.

Portable toilets are equipped with fresh water tanks and waste tanks. The freshwater tank provides clean water for handwashing. The waste tank is sealed and holds the waste until it is emptied by a professional.

Portable toilets also have features that promote hygiene and safety. For instance, many models have built-in seats and lids to prevent contact with waste. Some models also have foot pedals that flush the toilet without touching it.

2) It Is a Convenient Option

Public restrooms are not always available when you need them. Portable toilets can be placed almost anywhere, making them a convenient option for events or construction sites.

Construction job sites must meet ADA requirements for restroom facilities.

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Also, public toilets are not always clean. Renting a porta potty assures you that your guests will have a clean restroom to use. Portable toilets can be cleaned and serviced as often as necessary to keep them sanitary.

3) Avoid Long Queues for the Bathroom

No one wants to spend their party or event waiting in line for the bathroom. When you rent a porta potty, you can avoid this problem entirely. Everyone will have a place to go when needed and won’t have to wait in line. This will make your event much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

4) It Is a Budget-friendly Option

Renting a porta potty is a budget-friendly option, especially if you are hosting a large event. You will save money by not having to use the facilities at your venue and avoid any cleanup fees.

For example, a porta potty company in California charges an average of $125 for a single unit. This fee includes delivery, set up, and pick up. If you were to use the facilities at your venue, you would likely be charged a cleaning fee of $250 or more.

5) It Helps Guests With Special Needs

An ADA-compliant porta potty is a great way to help guests with special needs. By having an accessible restroom, you can ensure everyone has a comfortable experience at your event.

For example, physically disabled guests will appreciate not worrying about maneuvering in a small space. And, if you have elderly guests, they’ll appreciate not having to wait in line for the restroom.

Porta potties are also an excellent option for pregnant guests with other medical conditions that make using a public restroom difficult.

6) It Works Well for All Kinds of Events

No matter what event you’re hosting, a porta potty can be a great addition. It includes:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Family reunions
  • Corporate events
  • Sporting events

For porta potty rental in Atlanta, Contact Quick Relief Solutions today. We have a variety of porta potties to choose from, and our team will deliver and set up the porta potty at your event location.