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Special Events: Porta Toilet Needs

Special Events: Porta Toilet Needs

Holding special events is one of the best things for getting together with friends, family, and work associates. But you might be wondering about what kind of requirements and needs there are for special events.

For instance, how many porta potties would you need at that event? So let’s answer those questions once and for all so you know how many units to rent for your next event.

Portable Toilet Requirements For Special Events

In order to understand the requirements that you might have, think about the following factors first:

The Number Of Guests That You’ll Have

Obviously, the number of guests will factor into how many units you rent. You don’t want long lines for the portable restrooms. It’s better to overestimate than underestimate.

How Long Will The Event Last?

Each unit will come with a storage tank, but you still want to plan to avoid needing to replace units during the event. So the number of days the event lasts will be an important factor.

The Temperature During The Events

The hotter the temperature, the more important the comfort and hygiene will be, and you’ll need to plan in advance for that.

Food And Alcohol

If people are consuming beverages, drinks, and especially alcohol (which is a diuretic), additional units may be necessary.

Large Events

125 portable restrooms for up to 10,000 guests is a good rule of thumb. A good assumption to make is that each restroom will be used 200 times before it needs to be replaced or cleaned.

And the average guest will use the restroom once every four hours. So with 5,000 guests, for instance, you may need around 50 to 60 portable toilets.

Hand Washing Stations

This is something besides the portable restrooms that you should include with all of your rentals. This of course makes sure that you have enough water, soap, and sanitizer to maintain proper hygiene during the event.

For more event planning tips for porta potties, read this blog post next.

Rent High-Quality Porta Potties Today

Reach out to the experts at Quick Relief Porta Potty Solutions for event porta potty rentals in Atlanta. We’ll ensure that all of your guests can maintain proper hygiene and stay clean, safe, and comfortable.

That way you can focus on making your event the best experience and not the logistics of portable restrooms. Contact Quick Relief Porta Potty Solutions today for more details.