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The Benefits Of Renting A Temporary Toilet During Renovations

The Benefits Of Renting A Temporary Toilet During Renovations

Home renovations can help improve the value of your property immensely. But there are certain strategies you should implement when you’re going to renovate any part of your home. This goes for interior or exterior remodels equally.

Something to consider is having a portable restroom unit available at all times during the remodel. Let’s talk about some of the reasons behind that in the article below.

And if you need to rent any kind of portable restrooms for events in Atlanta, reach out to Quick Relief Solutions today.

Reasons You Should Rent A Portable Toilet For Home Renovations

Here are some of the reasons why you should rent portable toilets during home renovations:

Save Time

If your bathroom isn’t accessible, then you need to be able to save time when using the restroom. Having to drive 10 or 15 minutes away to a public restroom would simply cut into your efficiency.

That means that your project could drag on days, weeks, or months longer than you planned. Not only is that a hassle, but that could actually become very costly.

Better Working Conditions

If you’re having a contractor do your remodel instead of doing it yourself (or if you are a remodeler), then you need to have somewhere for the workers to use the restroom.

The bathroom may not always be accessible during a renovation. Therefore it’s best to equip the workers you hire with basic necessities and needs.


If someone doesn’t have a proper place to use the restroom and wash their hands, the likelihood of spreading bacteria is only going to grow. By investing in a portable toilet, you ensure that everyone can relieve themselves while reducing the spread of harmful bacteria.

What To Look For In A Porta Potty Company

Once you know how to rent a porta potty, it comes down to selecting the best provider. Look for qualities such as:


Ensure that the company that you’re working with has experience renting out various toilet units for the context, such as the renovation that you need it for.

Customer Service

The right portable toilet rental company should treat you like a VIP. You deserve to be handled with care and have all of your concerns addressed.

Variety Of Options

At Quick Relief Solutions, we provide various sizes, styles, price points, and accessories with our portable toilets. We want to ensure that you’re always clean, safe, and comfortable when you put your trust in our company.

Rent A Portable Toilet For Your Next Home Renovation

Whether you’re the contractor or the homeowner, a portable toilet can be a lifesaver when remodeling any kind of home or business.

Reach out to Quick Relief Solutions today. We’ll ensure that you have the ability to use the restroom and get relief even if your home is being remodeled.