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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Hand Washing Stations

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Hand Washing Stations

Portable handwashing stations and toilets are essential for outdoor events and job sites, but they require as much care and attention as indoor plumbing. If not maintained adequately, these facilities can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, potentially leading to serious health concerns. Quick Relief Solutions offer the best portable toilet rentals in Atlanta. We provide a wide selection of handwashing stations and restrooms, ensuring the comfort and convenience of your guests.

There are many things to consider when installing a hand washing station. You want to ensure that you provide your employees with the best possible option for keeping themselves clean and healthy. Here, we will discuss hand washing stations’ do’s and don’ts. Following these guidelines ensures that your employees have everything they need to stay clean and healthy!

1) Do Make Sure the Hand Washing Station Is Accessible

Hand washing stations are helpful for many places like events, parks, and workplaces. As such, they should be placed where people can easily wash their hands. The station should be conveniently located for those who will use it, but also somewhere with good water pressure and drainage.

2) Do Keep the Hand Washing Station Stocked With Soap and Paper Towels

Soaps and paper towels are the primary supplies needed at a hand washing station. Soap should always be present to ensure that hands can be responsibly and sufficiently cleaned. Paper towels should also be available so that individuals can dry their hands after being washed. Stocking these two items is critical for your handwashing station to remain appropriately functional.

3) Keep the Stations in Climate-Controlled Areas

Temperature fluctuations can easily lead to bacterial growth in and around the hand washing station. For this reason, keeping the stations in a climate-controlled area, such as an indoor room or porch, is essential. Doing so will ensure that the water temperature stays consistent throughout use. This also helps reduce the risk of any potential bacteria forming in the water and spreading to others.

4) Install Enough Stations

If you are hosting a large-scale event like a corporate party or a product launch, you should ensure plenty of hand washing stations are available. Depending on the size and scale of your event, you may want to install several in various locations around the venue. This will help reduce waiting times at any station and make it easier for people to access them when needed.

5) Maintain Hygienic Practices

It is important to regularly sanitize and clean the hand washing station to ensure it remains hygienic for all users. Make sure that any soapy residue in the basin or the sink surface is cleaned up after each use, as this can cause skin irritation when left too long. Use a quality disinfectant to wipe down the station after each use, and also ensure that any water in the basin is changed regularly. Additionally, check for any blockages or clogs in the pipes, as this could impact the water flow and lead to a less-than-satisfactory hand-washing experience.

Hand washing stations are essential to any event, business, or public gathering. They provide a clean and sanitary environment for everyone to use.

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