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What You Need To Know About ADA Compliant vs Handicap Accessible Portable Restrooms

What You Need To Know About ADA Compliant Vs Handicap Accessible Portable Restrooms

Do you think you may have some disabled guests at your outdoor event or construction site? If that’s the case, then you need to know the difference between ADA compliant and handicap accessible portable restrooms.

If not, you could order the wrong type of rentable restroom. To avoid this issue, let’s talk about the key distinctions. That way you can ensure optimum safety and comfort for everyone visiting.

The Importance Of ADA Compliance

Any permanent restroom or formal restroom has to be ADA compliant. Some people may claim that they have accessible port-a-potty rentals, but they don’t actually meet the government’s regulations. At Quick Relief Solutions, for instance, we offer family-sized and personal-sized ADA port-a-potties.

We also offer stability and availability from all four corners. Additionally, large, easy-to-grasp handles are included for extra safety. Some additional features of handicap accessible port-a-potties we provide are four-corner stake downholes.

As mentioned, stability is crucial for being ADA compliant. We only put toilets in locations that are accessible and on stable ground using stakes.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Some characteristics of wheelchair accessible, but necessarily ADA compliant, porta potties are:

  • Both manual and electric wheelchairs need to be able to access the units
  • We use a non-metal twin sheet strong door. This reduces the risk of injury, so people can open them easily
  • Many people with disabilities have reduced range of motion or grip strength
  • That’s why it’s important that the handles are easy to get a hold of

While you may think that ADA toilets and handicap accessible toilets are the same, that’s actually a big mistake. A handicap accessible portable restroom has to have the following qualities:

  • Enough interior space to turn around in a wheelchair
  • A ramped entrance for wheelchair access
  • A wider door than normal porta-potties to allow wheelchairs to enter

The main difference between handicapped restrooms and ADA compliant restrooms is that ADA regulations are more strict. Therefore, they have all the same components as handicap restrooms with more benefits for those with disabilities.

ADA Compliant Portable Bathrooms

The Americans with Disabilities Act defines the following regulations to ensure that the bathroom is ADA compliant:

  • Hinged doors and magnetic doors that are easy to open and close
  • At least one ADA compliant toilet for every 20 toilets on site
  • Enough room for a 360 degree turn in a wheelchair
  • Interior grab bars
  • Reinforced construction
  • A sign informing patrons that it is ADA compliant
  • A braille placard with a blue wheelchair sign

Get ADA Compliant Porta Potties

At Quick Relief Porta Potty Solutions, we offer stable, accessible ADA portable restrooms in Atlanta. Let us equip your event with handicap accessible, compliant, portable restrooms.

That way you can focus on enjoying yourselves or being productive, not finding a far away bathroom.