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When Should You Place A Porta Potty Order For Your Event?

When Should You Place A Porta Potty Order For Your Event?

If you’re planning to have porta potties at your event, that’s a great idea. It’ll ensure your guests are comfortable, hygienic, and well taken care of. However, you might be wondering the timeline that you should order your porta potties on.

After all, you don’t want to wait until the last minute and risk not having them on time. So in this article, let’s talk about how to plan this correctly. That way you can book your porta potties on the exact timeline to have them available for your event.

When Should You Order The Porta Potties For Your Event?

Smaller Events

If you’re going to order 1-20 portable restrooms, this can be considered a small event. In a perfect world, you should order these porta potties within 2 weeks before that date.

This gives the rental company time to ensure that the units are available, clean, and will be delivered before the event.

Now barring any emergency, you should order your porta potties a week in advance. Depending on the company’s current inventory, they may be able to fulfill your request.

But keep in mind that you’re taking a risk of not having enough time the closer you get to the event date. Porta potties rentals in Atlanta are always in high demand.

Why This Matters

Understand that professional rental companies have different units out in the field at any given time. They need someone to clean the units, collect the units from the other sites, and also deliver them to your location.

This all requires labor, time, and logistical organization. Obviously, every company only has a finite number of people. So even larger operations like Quick Relief Solutions need some time to make sure you get the quality of service and timely installation that you deserve.

Also keep in mind that the faster you reserve, the more likely that the restrooms will be placed at your event instead of another one. When it comes to limited inventory, it’s first come, first serve. It’s the same concept if you wanted to rent a home or a vehicle.

Larger Events

When you order portable restrooms, you want to aim to order them at least a month in advance. Sometimes a lease or a contract might need to be planned. Again, there’s an opportunity cost with renting the porta potties to your event versus another one.

Therefore, the company needs to be assured that they’re going to be compensated fairly for the delivery and maintenance of the porta potties. If at all possible, order them a month in advance.

However, if it’s a few weeks out, you may still be able to secure your order with the amount of units that you need. For detailed porta potty event planning, read more here.

Additional Considerations

Hand Washing Stations

If you are going to order additional accessories like a hand washing station, then order another week in advance.

Portable hand washing stations are one of the best ways to accompany the porta potties so that people have everything they need in terms of a full-service lavatory.

That way you don’t have to worry about using local businesses or other far away hand washing areas.

Luxury Trailer

If you’re going to upgrade to luxury lavatories, understand that there are fewer units of these on the market. That means they may be rented out by the time you try to reserve them.

It’s best to add another week or two to ensure you can confirm this reservation. You might even consider a deposit to ensure delivery on time.

Rent Porta Potties Today in Atlanta

Contact Quick Relief Porta Potty Solutions and understand what types of porta potties, hand washing stations, and more are available. That way you can equip your event with exactly what you need and have it delivered on time.